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Thank-you. :)
Welcome home Ebony Angel/Catherine!
Hope you enjoy the forum and Lucy!
great kisses
Hello Leah :) nice to meet you.
Hey Catherine, welcome, again, to the forum! I'm Leah, the forum mum. I hope you enjoy it here. It's nice to see another active fan.
Hello, my name is Catherine. *waves*
1-Has Lucy officially recognised this forum?

A-Nope. This is a plain ol fan forum. As far as we know, Lucy has no inkling of it being on the www.

2-Why is character bashing only allowed in games, fan art, vids and fan fiction?

A-Character bashing is a sign of insecurity and unnecessary hatred. Lucy-Ursula-Griffiths is a happy, safe place for fans to have fun without being upset by this destructive attacking. Whilst it can be funny and sometimes theraputic, we encourage fans to bash in a creative fashion, thus bringing lightness to it.

3-Why can't I have a picture signature from the moment I become a member?

A-You need to post at least three times before you can upload a picture signature.

4-How large can sigs be?

A-Any size that is not huge.

5-Why can't I post pictures of Lucy smoking?

A-This is a forum that is taking a stand against smoking.

6-Why is there an obessive behaviour ban?

A-To make sure fans feel safe and happy, we ask members to not "over do" the fan worship.

7-What kind of fan art, vid, fic can I post here?

A-you may post whatever you like.

For fan art we ask that they have ratings and spoiler warnings.

For fan vids, we ask that they have disclaimers and ratings and spoiler warnings.

For fan fic, you can post practically whatever you like as long as a Lucy character is actually in it, not Lucy herself, and it must have a title, summary, rating, spoiler warning, and a disclaimer.


That's it for now, more later on.

:) Admin.
Here's hoping we have a lot of Lucy things to talk about :)

Hey Sandra! It's great to have you here!

:) Leah.

Hi guys!

I'm thrilled in be here!

Hope to talk a lot about Lucy and her work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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