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Yeah, mine was meant as an invitation, I wasn't just bragging that we had those things. Was that not obvious?
Yup, feel free to play whenever you want, hun.
Hi Siegrun, glad to have you aboard. Art is always pretty and we've already got a role play bit. It's called "Snood Thang" if I remember correctly.
Hurray!! :-D
Done! Done Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Just give me the Name Carlileo's FanArt, I think that suits the best!
Ugh, forgot to ask what name you wanted for your art board :P
OMG! New poster!

Siegrun I am so glad to have you here. Guys, this lady has made the most gorgeous LG artworks I have ever seen. So I made her an admin so she can strut her artsy stuff on our forum and hopefully we can bring it some much needed love. Apart from that we might revive our role playing, etc. Siegrun, I'll get your artwork board set up for you, just tell me what name to use and if you want a fanfiction board as well.
Hi everyone!

I'm Carlileo, maybe some of you know me by my tumblr Name EponinesPygar. My real Name is Siegrun and I'm from Vienna.
Most of the time I ship Nora and Eric ;-)

I'd like to do some fanarts and like to play rolegames.
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